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Since its inception in 1988, Wako Trust Ltd. has been providing quality engineering solutions to help its clients  achieve success in any type of project. Our company consists of highly qualified, experienced & motivated individuals that can deliver perfection.

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We take pride in our company's ability to provide time-efficient solutions encompassing all areas of a project. Through our past experience in numerous industrial fields, we can help our client throughout the project life-cycle; specifically with:





Operation & Maintenance

Revamping Expansion


Engineering Data Warehouse

Feasibility study

R&D support

Feed/Basic Engineering


"The size of the company may be small, but our dreams are definitely big." 

This is a well-known saying that circulates around the company. Our past record, experience and innovation proves that we are on the path of realizing our dreams. Our clients, past projects & vast knowledge-base is a testament to the fact that we have the capacity to take on any challenge. 


Wako Trust Ltd. has worked on numerous multi-discipline projects. Over the years it has accumulated crucial knowledge pertaining the field of:

  • Instrumentation Construction Design

  • Electrical Construction Design

  • Engineering IT Services

  • Manpower Resourcing

Wako Trust's project domain includes the following categories:

  •  Petroleum Refining Plants

  •  Petrochemical and Chemical related Plants

  •  Power Generation Plants and Facilities

  •  Renewable Energy

  •  LNG Plants (LNG receiving terminals)

  •  LNG (FLNG) in-ground storage tank, facilities

Below is a summary of our past projects, categorized by country: