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What services do we offer?

In this fast changing global environment, Wako Trust Ltd's Instrumentation & Control team delivers construction, instrumentation and process control solutions for our clients. Keeping in-line with the new engineering trends, our experienced engineers and designers are committed to excellence. Our Instrumentation & Control Engineering team includes a mix of experience and young energy & exuberance. It doesn't matter what the scale of the project is, our team delivers results.


Within the domain of I & C, we have the following capabilities:


  1. Understanding of SOW / ITB Requirements

  2. Proposal Write up & Engineering Estimate

  3. Understanding SOW/Contractual Requirements

  4. Cost optimization  / Risk Assessment 

  5. Preparation of Accurate BM/BQ

  6.   Project Scheduling and Management

  7. Understanding of codes & standards

  8. General P&ID review

  9. Hazardous Area Classification & protection class

  10. Material selection

  11. Plot Plan review

  12. HAZOP & SIL studies

  13. Site Surveys and Report Writing

  14. Instrumentation for Packaged Equipment

  15. Preparation of RFQs

  16. Technical Clarification with Vendor

  17. Technical bid evaluation

  18. Vendor document Review

  19. FAT / IFAT

  20. Creation and maintenance of databases

Control Systems

  1. Control System & DCS project specification

  2. Emergency Shutdown System project specification

  3. Vibration Monitoring System & VMS project specification

  4. FGS System & FGS and F&G field devices project specification

  5. SCADA System & project specification

  6. Interposing Relay Panel Design and  Specification

  7. Power Distribution Panel Design and Specification

  8. Equipment Room / Control Room Design

  9. Equipment layout in control room / equipment room

  10. I/O List and Alarm / Trip setting list

  11. Graphic / Display sketches

  12. Control Narrative

  13. Auxiliary console arrangement

  14. Functional Logic Diagrams

Core Instrumentation & Instrumentation Selection

  1. Application, Calculation and Specification Sheet Preparation of all Flow Instruments.

  2. Application, Calculation and Specification Sheet Preparation of all Level Instruments.

  3. Application, Calculation and Specification Sheet Preparation of all Pressure Instruments.

  4. Application, Calculation and Specification Sheet Preparation of all Temperature Instruments.

  5. Application, Calculation and Specification Sheet Preparation of all Control, Shutdown & Isolation Valves

  6. Application, Calculation and Specification Sheet Preparation of all Analyzers.

  7. Application, Calculation and Specification Sheet Preparation of all Fire & Gas Field Devices.

  8. Application, Calculation and Specification Sheet Preparation of all Modular Instruments including Tank gauging and flow metering systems.

Construction and general Design Engineering

  1. Specification for Instrument Installation Work

  2. Specification: Calibration and Loop check procedure

  3. Specification of Instrument cables

  4. Specification: Instrument installation materials

  5. Instrument Grounding philosophy

  6. Typical instrument installation Standard

  7. Instrument Loop diagram

  8. Instrument Wiring connection diagram

  9. Instrument Process Hook-up Diagrams

  10. Instrument Pneumatic Hook-up Drawing

  11. Instrument Wiring Hook-up Drawing

  12. Plot Plan Breakdown Drawing

  13. Layout of instrument main cables

  14. Cable transit arrangement

  15. Cable schedule

  16. Cable Drum Schedule

  17. Layout of instrument cable tray (Field & Control Room)

  18. Instrument location Layout Drawing

  19. Construction work Supervision

  20. Field Engineering

  21. Pre Commissioning / Commissioning

  22. Pre Commissioning / Commissioning Procedure (*Support to Pre.Comm/Comm.

  23. Team for Procedures preparation)

  24. Site acceptance Test

  25. 2D 3D Data Modelling

Information to other disciplines

  1. Power supply and grounding for local instruments

  2. Insulation requirements for instruments

  3. Foundation / operation platform for instruments

  4. Supports for local instruments

  5. Fire proofing for instrumentation

  6. Analyzer Shelter Information

  7. Underground Cable Way Information (Direct buries, Duct Banks, Cable Trench etc.)

  8. Aboveground Cable Way Information (Cable Tray, Duct, etc.)

  9. Dimensional information for In-line Instruments

  10. Instrument Air / Utility consumption

  11. Dimensional information of valves

Within the domain of Instrumentation and Control Engineering, our primary focus is to deliver time-efficient engineering. For this purpose we are reliant on our abilities in Engineering IT tools. This subject is explained in greater detail in 'Engineering IT Solutions'.


Instrumentation & Control Engineering Design

Electrical Engineering Design


Wako Trust Ltd is committed to deliver its services worldwide. From the conception phase of the project through to on-going electrical and instrumentation maintenance, our proactive company ethos and ability to integrate with your operations ensures that you are in safe hands! It is our motto to make sure the project is completed safely, on time, within budget, to specification and with minimal/zero problems.

It is our commitment to approach every electrical and instrumentation project with a goal to succeed and perform to plan. We are bent on delivering continued safety and cost improvement efficiencies and value engineering. As far as hard-work goes, our Electrical Engineering Design group takes the lead. We have the 'dream team' to accomplish any job. Here is a brief look at our competencies:


  1. Load list

  2. Single line diagram

  3. Layout plan of substation

  4. Cable & bus-bar sizing

  5. Transformer sizing

  6. Cable way

  7. Cable drum schedule

  8. Power receiving

  9. Power distribution & control

  10. Uninterrupted power supply AC/DC

  11. Lighting Calculations

  12. Power outlet

  13. Telecommunication system

  14. Security & CCTV system

  15. Cathodic  protection

  16. Earthing and lightning protection

  17. Emergency power generation

  18. Electrical heating

  19. Typical installation drawing

  20. Design criteria preparation

  21. CAD drawing

  22. 3D modeling

  23. Material take off (BQ/BM)

  24. Vendor’s document review

  25. Bid evaluation

  26. Preparation or modification of specifications          

  27. Definition of scope of work

  28. Information to other disciplines

  29. Creation and maintenance of databases

Engineering IT Solutions

Wako trust Ltd. is always looking to strive for excellence by keeping in-line with the recent trends in engineering and design. The share market of SmartPlant Instrumentation has risen sharply in the recent years. More and more companies are using this software solution package to enhance their work efficiency as well as improve the quality of their design work. For this reason Wako Trust Ltd. has recently enhanced its capability in terms of incorporating SPI into its engineering design work. We have a team of highly capable individuals that are well-versed with the dynamics of working with engineering tools such as SmartPlant Instrumentation. It brings us immense pleasure to inform our clients that we are now capable of handling any job that employs SmartPlant Instrumentation as a design engineering tool. From SPI database setup for FEED, to incorporating As-built information, our engineering and IT support team covers all bases of design engineering using SmartPlant Instrumentation.


SmartPlant Instrumentation Administration Services

Successful execution of a project that employs SPI is heavily dependent on the role of the Smartplant Instrumentation Administrator. This individual is the one who will be an inherent part of the project from early ‘SPI database setup’ phase to ‘database hand-over to client’ phase. A brief point-wise explanation of the duties performed by the Smartplant Instrumentation Administrator are as follows:


  • Database administration, creation and management tasks – Creation & setup of Smartplant Instrumentation database along with periodic maintenance and back-up. This includes database migration and re-initialization, if the need arises.


  • System & Domain Administration tasks – Initializing project domains and setting up the initial project conventions and standards as agreed by the client. This includes all reference data that will be used by the engineers for the rest of the project. Setting up and controlling user access to SPI throughout the course of the project, is also part of the Administrator’s job.


  • Troubleshooting & IT support – Provide constant support to engineers working on SmartPlant Instrumentation. Create documentation and procedures to help them in this cause. Troubleshoot problems encountered by these users during the course of the project. Coordinate with Intergraph support for problems that are beyond the control of the Admin.


  • Integration tasks – Successfully integrate SPI with various other Intergraph tools in the SmartPlant Suite. Integrate SPI with various vendor data interfaces supported by SmartPlant Instrumentation.


  • Miscellaneous activities – Take care of licensing. Handle and use all SPI supportive software such as Infomaker, SmartSketch, MS Access, Enhanced Smart Loop etc. Use SQL queries to carry out database tasks, time-effectively. Work on custom reports & deliverable documents requested by engineers & client.

Using SmartPlant Instrumentation as a design engineering tool

Our Instrumentation and control engineers are fully capable of executing all engineering and design work using Smartplant Instrumentation. They have the necessary skills and expertise to use SPI to their advantage and get the most out of this software package. Project deliverables such as Inst. Loop drawing, Specification datasheets, Hook-up installation drawings etc. can are generated via SPI, thus unleashing SPI’s full capability, including the automated generation of project deliverables.


SmartPlant Instrumentation – Application hosting services

At Wako Trust Ltd, our next target is to step into the business of application and infrastructure hosting, starting with SmartPlant Instrumentation. We are currently working on this idea, gathering all necessary resources to execute it successfully. Once executed, we would be able to host Citrix server along with SPI server at our company location. Henceforth, remote engineering offices can connect to SPI using a secure internet connection with minimal IT infrastructure requirement. In this scenario we shall take care of three major roles related to application hosting:

  1. Citrix Server Administration

  2. Project Database Administration

  3. SmartPlant Instrumentation Administration

Such a scenario would be ideal for projects that include multiple contractors/subcontractors working in their own respective domains for a single engineering project. Such a work-share strategy can be employed successfully using the Citrix server. The engineers can then connect to the central project database using a Citrix interface. This work dynamic would ensure unification of data in a single SPI project database that is managed and maintained at our locality.

SmartPlant Instrumentation Execution

Manpower Resourcing

Wako Trust Ltd.'s  manpower resourcing service ensures that you find skilled professionals for your projects. We have a strong group of professionals that are qualified in various fields of engineering and design. With vast expertise and experience, these people can help you with their proficiency. Talent is in-dispensable to any competitive advantage. Mix it up with adaptability and you have the right ingredients for a successful work-force. On the same grounding, our skilled professionals can quickly adapt to different working scenarios.



















Over the years, we have come across various situations where we are asked by customers to place individuals of various technical and management competencies and skill levels. On a case to case basis, we are able to accommodate requests to source for manpower from diverse technology and management backgrounds. We can accommodate requests related to:

1) Supervisors for Electrical and Instrument Construction


2) Instrumentation & Control Engineers

3) Electrical Engineers

4) Commissioning Specialists


5) CAD Specilaists

6) 2D, 3D Modeling Specialists


7) Data Processors and Document Handlers


8) SPI Administrators/Operators

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