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Corporate Profile

Yoshiyuki Takahara

Representative Director


Wako Trust Ltd. was found on 15th December 1988 by Mr. Yoshiyuki Takahara, the company's current Representative Director. Him, together with four other colleagues of his; started an engineering design company that would later prove to be one of the most resourceful and experienced name for instrumentation & construction design. In 1988, the company's founder already had 16 years of experience in overseas projects related primarily to Oil & Gas. His colleagues were also well-versed in the field of engineering construction design henceforth, the idea of starting their own company was met with success.

Wako Trust Ltd.'s first office was located in Kawasaki which was later moved to Tsurumi City.

Wako Trust Ltd. has worked with local and international clients; being involved in multi-billion dollar projects with global recognition.


Wako Trust Ltd. is committed to adopt a client-focused approach, ensuring customer satisfaction. It is our aim to provide quality engineering by utilizing our experience in the field of Electrical Design Engineering and Instrument Design Engineering. Moreover, Wako Trust Ltd.'s broader goal is to contribute to the development of the society. Based on our objectives, our quality policy is as follows:


In accordance with the contract requirements (stipulated in the contract with the customer), applicable laws and engineering standards; we seek to provide high quality deliverables and services in order to attain customer satisfaction and trust.


We seek to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

1st April 2009

Yoshiyuki Takahara

Representative Director

Philosophy & Vision

努力 - Endeavor 

                誠実 - Honesty

                                 社会貢献 - Social Contribution

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